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How To Choose An Architect

Posted by Carl Croft on 04-Feb-2016 19:30:00

Many people wonder how to choose an architect, we think it’s easy, here’s how…

Now I know that you’re thinking the next words to hit your eyeballs are going to be “Look no further, come and talk to Croft Architecture”. Of course you are more than welcome to talk to us for more detailed advice on how to choose an architect and we can answer your questions personally. However without exception not every project will be suitable for every practice of Architects. So how do you find the right Architect for you? Well read on for our easy steps on How to choose an Architect.

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Cycling challenge for the County Air Ambulance

Posted by Carl Croft on 25-Apr-2015 08:30:00

On 6th June Sarah Croft and I will be joining a small team of cyclists who have willingly agreed to attempt the ultimate cycling challenge to raise money for the County Air Ambulance Trust HELP Appeal.

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Charity bike ride for the Douglas Macmillan Hospice

Posted by Carl Croft on 17-Jun-2014 20:00:00

In 9 months I have turned from a road cycling novice into what my wife refers to as an utter cycling geek! I must confess that I have become a tiny bit addicted to the sport. Accepting my new found obsession I thought I'd put it to good use and raise some money for a needy cause at the same time.

Not being one to shy away from a challenge I signed up for the annual Dougie Mac 110 mile Bike Ride from Stoke on Trent to Llangollen and back.

It was a perfect choice, as it was early spring, there was still plenty of time to train and raise the important funds for the local charity.

As soon as I created my Virgin Money Giving page that afternoon the donations started to stream in. It was clear I was then committed to completion, there was no turning back now!

To kick start my training I started cycling 12 miles each way to the office in Stafford and saved the longer rides for the weekend with my new cycling buddies. Though they are older than me they are significantly fitter and more experienced! I have gained essential tips, tricks and goals from cycling with a more experienced group that was great preparation for the ride.

As training progressed I increased my riding miles,but rides did not always go to plan. As we all know GPS can struggle with certain roads at times and unlucky for me it happened! I shouldn't really complain as it's the same great technology that helped me to get up to 90 miles with only a few weeks to go. However on this occasion, well I wouldn't say I was lost, but I took a slight detour.

The week before the ride I though a little additional training would be good for me, so I embarked upon the Mow Cop Killer Mile running race on 8th May with my wife Sarah.

We both managed good times, however, Sarah my wife did beat me and came fifth out of all women!

I looked at it as power to weight ratio, her being the lighter of us. This event really spurred me on and the money being raised really boosted my morale.

The day of the event was bathed in sunshine! What a way to start the Dougie Mac Bike Ride, and it was fantastic to see so many people turning out to support such a great local charity.

I was ready and raring to go, but after only a mile or so from the start my chain came off! In the age old tradition of cycling honour, my cycling buddies ditched me and that was the last I saw of them! I met and tagged along with another group of cyclists making great time to Llangollen (3 hours) for a pit stop and bite to eat before getting back on the bike and homeward bound.

The riding atmosphere was great and as I drew closer to home some of my family members met me along the way to support the ride on the home stretch!

I arrived back at the Michelin, Stoke on Trent in a good time of about six and a half hours. Time wasn't the priority of the ride to me though, it was the taking part, finishing the challenge and most importantly raising money along the way.

I would like to thank everyone who supported my Croft Architecture cycle ride for Douglas Macmillan through charitable donations. At the time of writing £300 has been gained for Dougie Mac and I have gained a few aches and pains too.

So whats the next challenge I hear you ask? Well that's undecided as yet, if you have any good ideas, let me know in the comments below.

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Job Vacancy for Part 2 or Part 3 Architect or Technologist

Posted by Carl Croft on 09-Jan-2014 14:07:00

Croft Architecture Limited is a growing RIBA Chartered Practice with a wide range of clients in a variety of development sectors. We are presently working on a number of exciting commissions, and have a vacancy for a positive and pro-active individual to join our team.

A permanent full time position is immediately available for a talented individual at either post Part 2 or post Part 3 Architectural levels or an Architectural Technologist of good character with a rounded experience of work within architectural practice.

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Win £5,000 of Architectural Services!

Posted by Carl Croft on 01-Aug-2013 08:30:00

This coming January 2014 sees Croft Architecture turn 5 years old. We're really pleased to announce that as part of celebrations for our first half-decade, we are running a competition opening today and leading up to our 5th birthday.

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Topics: Competition, 5th Birthday

Outline Planning Application? Why bother?

Posted by Carl Croft on 25-Jun-2013 13:46:00

You may have heard of an Outline Planning Application, but what does this mean? What is it for? Why would you use one?

An outline planning application is a planning submission undertaken with some Reserved Matters which are identified for submission at a later date.

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Topics: Design, Planning approval, Residential Development, Architecture

Party Wall Notices and the benefit of tea and biscuits

Posted by Carl Croft on 11-Jun-2013 13:54:00

The Party Wall Notice

When having a big party at home, it’s only polite to inform the neighbours. There's no obligation, that's just what good neighbours do.

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Topics: Design, Planning approval, Residential Development, Residential

Permitted Development 2013 - Start building in 42 days!

Posted by Carl Croft on 05-Jun-2013 13:58:00

Double the size and double the benefit?

Hot off the press, we're promised that permitted development 2013 will to stimulate economic activity, cut red tape, and support local sustainable development. The latest amendments to permitted development rights came into effect on 30th May 2013.

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3 easy ways to change your planning permission

Posted by Carl Croft on 29-May-2013 14:04:00

Fantastic! You have your planning permission ; the world is your oyster! ... or at least that bit within the red edge is!

However for whatever reason it’s just not quite the permission you were looking for.

Of course it is always best to get the design as you want it before applying for planning permission. However we all change our minds sometimes don't we? Sometimes we can't foresee all of our requirements until a later stage. Well fear not, there are three alternatives to starting from scratch in planning and get the project you really want without upsetting the local planners.

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Topics: Design, Planning approval, Residential Development, Residential

Can I stay put during building works?

Posted by Carl Croft on 10-May-2013 14:15:00

If ear defenders, Pot Noodles and Wet Wipes aren't your thing then you ought to consider decanting to better accommodation for the duration. However if you’re prepared to accept some disruption, then you might be considering the implications of occupation during building works.

The aim of this post is to help you to make a decision on this question...

Should I stay or should I go during building works?

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Topics: Design, Residential Development, Residential, CDM

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