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How to improve the energy efficiency rating of your property

Posted by Noreus Ltd on 04-Nov-2016 13:16:00

UNDER current regulations, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required every time a property is sold or rented out.

However, it isn’t simply a matter of red tape designed to make moving more complicated – as Ron Fox from Noreus explains, energy efficiency ratings are a useful tool which provide people with information about a home’s heating and lighting usage, as well as recommendations on how to save money.

An EPC gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A, the most efficient, to G, the least efficient, and is valid for 10 years.

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Croft Architecture welcomes Tom Achtmanis to the team

Posted by Sarah Croft on 31-Oct-2014 12:34:00

Croft Architecture is growing! We are delighted to welcome Tom Achtmanis to our busy team here at Croft Architecture, who has joined us to provide additional architectural support for our increasing client base.

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Be different with 5 innovative home finishes

Posted by Sarah Croft on 12-Oct-2014 10:32:00

Are you currently thinking of ways to make your home project stand out from the crowd?

You can spend hours visiting home showrooms, looking through magazines and different websites for design ideas, but more often than not someone will have the same use of materials and products.

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What is a zero carbon home?

Posted by Sarah Croft on 07-Oct-2014 12:28:00

How many of us wake up on a winter’s morning and crank the thermostat up because we feel a little chilly?

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How to create a low energy house

Posted by Sarah Croft on 30-Sep-2014 12:31:00

We are all aware the world’s fossil fuels are depleting and new technologies and techniques are being investigated, tested and used for a new sustainable life on earth. I’m sure that you will have seen programmes on the television and read articles relating to eco living, green homes, our carbon foot print and sustainability, but do we know what they really mean?

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