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Croft Architecture How to Plan a Perfect Kitchen with The Rigid Kitchen Company

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Buying a new kitchen is one of the most thrilling projects when it comes to renovating the home. It can also be an expensive period, stressful and takes a lot of your time. The thought process from picking the right range to finding the perfect designer who listens to your wishes and agreeing with the layout, there’s a lot to think about.

You may wish to rush into a showroom and choose your design, but first it’s vital that you take plenty of time to consider what it is you really want.

A few steps that we advise to take before you jump into the world of kitchens could come in handy.

1. Have a good clear out! Remove all the items that you do not use which gather dust and take up space within the kitchen. You can then step back and view your kitchen and the current layout. List all the pros and cons, all your likes and dislikes. This will give you a clearer picture of what you want moving forward.

2. As a family think about if the space is what you need, do you need more storage within the units, are you saving space by adding an island rather than a dining table – by having a good clear out, this will create the vital questions that need answering before purchasing a kitchen.

Or do you need to extend and make a bigger family kitchen. Your home is most probably the biggest purchase and asset that you’ll own in your life. It’s your little piece of the country and most of us want to transform our living space into the ideal - your dream home.

So, when it comes to planning alterations, extensions, renovations or even building brand new home, you need to get the very best team together to plan, design and build your project in the most efficient way. Recruiting a great architect should therefore be your first point of call.

Find out The Importance Of Using A Good RIBA Chartered Architectural Team to ensure that your home project is a success, 'the first time'.

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One of the most important questions to ask yourself is:

What am I using the kitchen for?

Is it to simply cook a meal or do you wish to use it for family gatherings and a social space?

Briefly think about the plumbing and heating within the room. It is always a good idea to have the dishwasher and washing machine near the sink, to keep the plumbing simple. Your kitchen designer will help you think this through when creating the layout.

The lighting within the kitchen sets the mood. It can make the difference to how the room makes you feel. Do you want spot lights; do you wish to highlight the island to make it more of a feature? Jump online and have a look at different lighting options and be inspired.

Talking about being inspired, this will open up a huge amount of ideas, things you didn’t think about and maybe even surprise you. How you want your kitchen to look is a very personal choice. It may help by snipping out magazine articles, Pinterest ideas and creating a mood board. You will be surprised how much detail goes into designing a kitchen – Kitchen cabinets, colours, worktops, taps, sinks, appliances and much more.

So when the time comes, your thoughts are all down on paper and ready for your designer. The designer can then clearly see what you want and you are all on the same page.

We recommend going online and viewing all the reviews from your local independent companies. Family businesses will give you the service and that personal touch you need. Dealing with one designer throughout the process will give you the security blanket needed to make you feel happy.

If a problem occurs you know that a family business will NEVER ignore and ALWAYS sort the issue out immediately.

About the author

Anna Haycock is the marketing manager at The Rigid Kitchen Company in Lichfield. Their team are kitchen experts and have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. They design and install beautifully fitted kitchens that are tailored to you. From contemporary designs through to classic installations, they offer a huge range of bespoke options, and are able to assist you in choosing what’s right for your home.

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