Single storey extension creates an accessible home

Accessible Home Croft Architecture

In brief

Clients: Private client

Location: Staffordshire

Construction Value:  £ 60,000

Completion Date: December 2015

Form of Contract: Minor Works

Our clients existing property on Old Road, Handscare, South Staffordshire, is a large detached family home that occupies a well-established site in a small village setting. Although the couple have enjoyed the existing family space of their property for many years, their family circumstances have changed and the layout of the downstairs living space is no longer functional for their new living requirements.

The couple are welcoming an elderly disabled family member to reside with them in their home. Their existing dwelling is inaccessible and does not provide the extra ample living space required for a comfortable and enjoyable everyday life. Without an extension and careful design consideration, accepting an additional elderly family member with accessibility requirements would be completely unfeasible.

Our brief was to ensure ease and enjoyment of life for all, designing a single storey extension to provide comfortable, accessible and convenient assisted living accommodation, within the budget and to the design aspirations of the family.


The couple needed to increase the size of their property downstairs to create a functional & accessible home to enhance their new family life together.

The development of the design for the extension to the new single storey family living space has been designed to sympathise with the existing dwelling and emulate the style and character of the adjacent housing, whilst achieving a dramatic architectural living space internally.

The new single storey side extension will provide essential onsite assisted living space for the couple’s elderly relative. The new accessible design provides a separate ground floor open plan living space and bedroom accommodation, which leads through to a large assisted bathroom.

Our Approach

The client’s home is located on a quiet road in a small village. Their home nestles into its well-established site, with ample space between the neighbouring properties and has considerable garden space to the rear and the side, allowing the design to take full advantage of the land available.

The topography of the site was perfect for developing a generous amount of floor space for the new accessible extension to the property.

Although it was fortunate that the property was located on such a substantial site for the development, the initial designs for the new accessible single storey extension needed to be modified to meet the local Planner’s approval.

We worked closely the Planning Team and the couple to create a positive design solution that meets the family’s needs and aspirations, whilst integrating the new design with the Planner’s vision for the residential area.

The design of the accessible single storey living space complements the style & character of the surrounding residential properties with brickwork to emulate the general theme of the local area and the existing property.

Careful design consideration has been given to the neighbouring properties throughout the scheme. The scale and proportions of the newly extended home correspond well with the adjacent properties.

To facilitate the design for accessibility and durability, whilst maintaining the ‘homely’ qualities of the family space, we converged with the client and their relatives’ Occupational Therapist to discuss their needs and to ensure that our design provided the most beneficial solutions for all.

The approved design of the single storey extension takes full advantage of the size and layout of the site. The design for the additional living accommodation has substantially extended and reconfigured the family home, to create a separate living space that is private from the existing dwelling, yet easily accessible for all.

The accessible single storey extension provides:

  • Generous open plan living and bedroom space.
  • The living space has an open, vaulted ceiling with plenty of glazing providing a light and comfortable living space.
  • Large accessible assisted bathroom area.
  • Easy internal access with ramps inside the property to make the ground floor fully wheelchair accessible.
  • Accessible external landscaping.

The family’s project has been partially grant funded by the NHS/Government as part of their on-going aspirations to facilitate the care of disabled relatives within the family home, thus easing pressure on local services.

The new generous accessible single storey living space to the side of the property bears minimal visual impact on the streetscape, yet the design responds to the living patterns of the family.

  • Accessible Home Croft Architecture
  • Accessible Home Croft Architecture
  • Accessible Home Croft Architecture
  • Accessible Home Croft Architecture
  • Accessible Home Croft Architecture

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