New tea room pavilion

Pavillion Competition Croft Architecture

Submitted at competition the brief was to design a replacement for the landmark Edwardian tearooms in the Belper’s River Gardens. The existing building had fallen into disrepair and had been condemned.

Industrialist George Herbert Strutt commissioned the original Swiss-style tea rooms. It was felt the new design should reflect elements of this building, while providing a new sustainable and durable solution.

The brief emphasised the need for an aesthetically pleasing building which could accommodate a viable business, be environmentally friendly but respect the World Heritage Site.

The solution proposed was a portal and dia-grid structure that used regional materials for the structure, providing a new and innovative design while taking subtle references from the original pavilion building and the garden location.

  • Croft Architecture Belper Tearooms Gardens Competition
  • Croft Architecture Belper Tearooms Gardens Competition

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