New homes in Stoke-On-Trent receive planning approval

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In Brief

Client: Private Developer

Location: Hartshill, Stoke-On-Trent

Completion Date: Planning consent approved October 2015. Proposed completion 2016.

Our client acquired a redundant brownfield site in Hartshill, Stoke-On-Trent that already had planning permission for two dwellings. Our brief was to develop the scheme for new town centre housing based on the current planning consent.

Upon meeting with client and surveying the site, it was clear that there was an alternative advantageous planning direction to take. We could immediately see that there was the opportunity to maximise the potential of the town centre site, from just two new homes into four new dwellings.

By increasing the number of properties on the site it would, not only boost the quantity of much needed quality modern starter homes in Stoke-on-Trent, but also maximise the client’s investment on the site.

In Context

Although the land had been purchased with planning consent for two dwellings, we could see that the site had the potential to accommodate extra new homes, whilst improving the overall design and layout of the scheme. The design of the new homes was successfully reworked and this provided the client with a new planning submission for four three bed townhouses.

The benefits of modifying and re-submitting the new drawings for two extra dwellings would vastly increase the profitability for the client. The revisions to scheme would now economically utilise the space of the vacant site within a sustainable location.

Our Approach

The necessary amendments were made to resubmit the planning application to change the current approval for two dwellings into four three bedroom dwellings on behalf of our client.

We prepared a strong case to support the planning submission reinforcing our clients’ application. Despite the planners objections they were unable to refuse the new application. There were no planning reasons not to approve the new scheme for the new homes on the town centre site.

Approval was granted and this was obviously great news for the client as the uplift in land value is much greater, delivering a greater return on investment.

Design Approach

Although the number of new homes on the site has doubled, careful design consideration was given to modify the design to ensure that the new townhouses relate to the style and character of the surrounding properties.

The additional new dwellings take full advantage of the land available. They all provide a generous amount of floor space, private rear landscaped gardens and two car parking spaces for each new home.

A blue/black fibre cement roof has been chosen to integrate with the neighbouring buildings. It’s intended that the roof will be asymmetrically pitched with vertical tiling to reduce the visual form of the new two free standing dwellings, thus reducing the visual impact on the neighbouring community.  The angle of the pitched roof will also maximise the usable area at the second floor level, creating a substantial amount of space for the occupants. 

The new townhouses provide:

  • Three substantial bedrooms

  • Large open plan living and dining accommodation

  • Downstairs cloakroom

  • Private garden space

  • Off road private parking facilities

  • New town centre housing in walking distance of the local community facilities & transport network.

The new responsive design solution for the four new generous townhouses bear minimal visual impact on the streetscape and yet the revised scheme responds to the living needs of a new starter home.

Whilst the client has obviously been able to gain a significant return on investment on the site, by doubling the number of properties on the new town centre development. The neighbouring residents and future homeowners have also considerably benefitted from the design modifications.

The new town houses now correspond well with the adjacent buildings, reflecting and enhancing the character of the immediate surrounding area. In addition the proud new homeowners of the townhouses also set to gain from the functional design improvements, together with a more aesthetically appealing home.


  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture.jpg
  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture
  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture
  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture
  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture
  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture
  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture
  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture
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  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture
  • Build to Rent Croft Architecture

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