Croft Architecture welcomes Evangelia Brazioti

Croft Architecture Evangelia Brazioti

We're delighted to welcome Evangelia Brazioti, or Evi, as she is known to us all at Croft Architecture. Evi became part of our dynamic team in 2017 and she’s been providing excellent additional architectural support for our increasing client base.

Over to you Evi.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and grew up in Greece; where I was surrounded by buildings with a unique style of architecture that is still copied today in major buildings and monuments throughout the world. 

Ancient Greek architects strove for the precision and excellence of workmanship that are the hallmarks of Greek art in general. The ancient Greek work ethics and my immediate environment instilled a passion for design and architecture in me from a young age. This inspired me to develop my skills and strive towards a career in architecture.

I commenced my architectural studies at the University of Thessaly, Greece and thereafter I travelled to the UK to continue my architectural education at Nottingham University. After achieving a Masters in Renewable Energy and Architecture, I returned to Greece where I completed my architectural course and qualified as an architect. 

Working part time in practice in Greece, whilst studying for my final qualification allowed me to be actively involved on a range of projects within a variety of sectors. During this time, I developed a particular passion for conservation, restoration and sustainable architecture.

I’m excited to be joining the Croft Architecture team and I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and expertise of working with historic buildings.

What made you decide to be an architect?

It was the idea of visualising what can be achieved and turning it into a reality. It was the thought of being able to design a building and create something of your own. It really inspired me to think that my ideas could be used to help people in society.

Did you have a keen interest from a young age to be an architect?

I grew up in Volos, Greece. Volos is one of the largest and most attractive cities in Greece and it’s also one of the country’s most prominent ports. The modern-day city of Volos is built near the site of ancient Iolcos, at the foot of Mount Pelion overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf. I know that I’m biased but Volos is of the most beautiful areas in Thessaly. The city has the allure of the sea combined with the mystical charm of the Centaurs’ mountain as the backdrop.

The area has such a rich mythological background that captivated my imagination at a young age. Volos sits in the geographical region of Magnesia and the area features in some of the most remarkable tales in Greek mythology. In Greek Mythology the people from the area are direct descendants from Magnes, son of Zeus and Aeolus, yet Magnesia was also believed to be the birthplace of the Centaur too.   

Growing up surrounded by such a wealth of history it was hard not to appreciate the city’s architecture, which conveys historical grandeur. Many of city’s buildings are of a traditional architectural style using natural local materials.

Volos was truly an enjoyable and influential place to find my vocation and thereafter personally and professionally grow.

Which projects have you enjoyed working on the most in your career so far?

In Greece, I really enjoyed working on listed buildings and monuments. It fascinated me how much detail was required when working on historical projects. I really enjoyed researching about the local areas, the communities and the buildings’ history. I found it fascinating that I had the ability to change a buildings future, preserving its significance for future generations.

Since joining Croft Architecture, I have had the opportunity to develop my skills working on many residential projects. Homes in Greece are designed and built very differently to properties here in the UK. The process is heavily controlled by the local authorities and while I was there, I felt very restricted with my designs in terms of style and use of materials. Although there are processes to follow and controls here in the UK, there is more freedom for individuality, detail in the design and expression.

Have you developed an interest in a specific sector of work?

I travelled to the UK in 2011 and chose to study at Nottingham University to complete a Masters in Renewable Energy and Architecture. The environment, climate and our carbon footprint were and still are a current and ongoing consideration for building design. I chose this area of concern to focus and direct my studies as it is a subject close to my heart.

The way we design and build now will direct life for future generations. I developed a strong knowledge of the subject area and decided to focus my thesis on sustainable architecture for domestic buildings.

Do you appreciate a style of architecture or architect (past or present)?

From my studies, travels and work experience I appreciate all architectural styles, techniques and architecture historic and current. However, I do favour a more contemporary style admiring architects such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who implement rectilinear forms, crafted in elegant simplicity epitomising an international style of architecture. 

Although I favour a contemporary style I’m very conscientious that each design must reflect the individual project, I think it’s essential for the scheme to work in context, creating an aesthetically pleasing building that’s an enjoyable space to use and function as intended into the future.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

That’s an easy one! The best thing about my job must be meeting with clients for the very first time. I love meeting people and finding out more about them, their families and lives. I find it fascinating!

I appreciate that no two projects are alike, no matter how similar they may be. I think it’s essential to work closely with clients and I enjoy ‘getting into their mindset’, to interpret their requirements through great design, understanding and exceeding their project aspirations. It’s great to see their elation when the building is complete.

What are your working on now?

I’m currently working on some residential projects, one is to renovate and extend an existing family home and on another project, on a Listed Building and Stables to renovate and extend the home creating more space for a growing family.

What interests do you have outside the office?

My love of architecture leads me to my fondness of travel. Now that I’m based in the UK the rest of Europe is more accessible. I enjoy travelling for the obvious reason, I love architecture. Primarily my travels are based around the buildings, but I like to learn about different people, food and their cultures. I find it fascinating how life can be so similar, yet different, if that makes sense?

Carl Croft, Managing Director,

“We’re extremely pleased to have Evi as part of our growing team at Croft Architecture. We’re looking forward to the knowledge and experience she brings to the exciting range of projects that we have in the office and she’s already been proving a great addition to the team.”

Welcome aboard Evi 


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